Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

Very rich and delicious, these tartlets were fun to make. The dough came together nicely in the processor and was easy to fit into the tartlet rings. The filling was quick and easy, with melted bittersweet chocolate, small chunks of milk and white chocolate, and little crunches of almond cookies giving a texture that is melt-on-your-tongue smooth with a little toothiness.

In an accommodation to my husband, who prefers fruity desserts, I filled 2 of the crusts (as suggested in the crust recipe) with creme fraiche and topped that with berries and little slices of candied ginger.

To see the recipe visit


8 responses to “Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

  1. Beautiful tarts and always nice to please your Hubby. We loved these tarts and will make them again soon…but may play around with some of the mix-ins.

  2. I like your idea of using a cream fraiche, never heard of this but will look it up… unless you’re willing to share a recipe? Check out my blog, here is the link

  3. Lauren

    Good job on the tarts

  4. Chris Conrad

    Your tartlets were dee-lish! Thanks Deena!

  5. Your tarts look great and I bet the creme fraiche was good in the chocolate cookie crust!

  6. Nice thinking to come up with the alternate filling for the tart crust. Homemade creme fraiche is so easy and such a nice thing to have around!

  7. Creme fraiche and candied ginger sound like a tasty alternative to the rich chocolate filling.

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