After reading all the comments from “Tuesdays with Dorie” bakers over the last week or so I was pleasantly pleased with how smoothly my multi-day Rugelach undertaking went — not to say I didn’t have some mishaps. But the final products turned out delicious and wonderful.

I made the crust on Thursday. Chilled it. Rolled it out and filled it with a store-bought fig-hazelnut spread and figs, prunes, walnuts and hazelnuts on Saturday.ImageImageImage

Then I rolled the filled dough like a jelly roll, and when I thought about slicing the rolls, I realized I had a problem — I had started the roll along the short end of the dough, resulting in very short, fat rolls. The slices would have been over 3″ in diameter. I’m so glad I rerolled along the long side even though it was pretty messy.Image

I chilled the 2 rolls over night and on Sunday I sliced and baked. We’re happy at our house and at work where rugelach has been sampled and declared a success.Image

If you’d like to try this recipe yourself, follow the link to Jessica one of the Rugelach hosts at “My Baking Heart”


7 responses to “Rugelach

  1. making it a multi-day project made it SO much easier!

    glad it was a success =)

  2. Yum! These aren’t so pretty a pastry, but they do taste lovely!

  3. Wendy

    They look great!

  4. It was a good idea to do this one in stages. They look perfect…no one would ever know you had to re–roll

  5. They look like you figured it all out the first time round 🙂 Yum

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