Irish Soda Bread

After the rugelach, this recipe was a breeze. I followed the traditional recipe in the book, except for substituting 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour in place of the unbleached white. The bread turned out nicely-textured, moist, and delicious.
Next time, maybe some rolled oats or currants…

If you’d like to try this recipe yourself, see it at this recipe’s hosts’ pages, Cathy at or Carla at


12 responses to “Irish Soda Bread

  1. Chris Conrad

    your irish bread makes me want to kiss the blarney stone!

  2. heathersbytes

    Your loaf is beautiful!

  3. Teresa

    I think rolled oats would be a great addition – will have to try that next time. Your loaf turned out beautifully.

  4. So true…this recipe was a breeze compared to the last one! Great job!

  5. Love the thought of rolled oats. It would totally add to the rusticity (is that even a word?) of this loaf.

  6. cookingjulia

    Great pictures!

  7. Your loaf looks great! I enjoyed how easy this was too. And it seems to be pretty versatile, which is a huge plus.

  8. Easy and tasty! Isn’t life great!

    Love the photos!

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