Hungarian Shortbread

This recipe was actually easier to execute than I expected. I made it over 3 days, and began by making the jam from rhubarb growing in our garden. The jam-making was a snap, and the results — more like a sauce than a typical jam, and delicious!

Making the dough was a simple process in the mixer. The hardest part was working it into a ball, because it was very sticky.

The dough chilled for a couple days until I had time to assemble. Grating dough??? I never heard of such a thing! But it worked well, and I baked the lower layer of shortbread for between 15 & 20 minutes, until it looked brown around the edges.

It was easy to spread the jam and grate the rest of the dough over the jam, and then bake for 40 minutes. And I omitted dusting the finished shortbread with confectioner’s sugar, thinking it would be plenty sweet enough.

I eagerly anticipated the result, waiting for the shortbread to cool. Finally, cutting a small slice and biting into it, I was … slightly underwhelmed. I mean, it’s good, just not knock-my-socks-off great.

I think the natural tartness of the rhubarb was lost somewhere between the sugar in the jam and the sugar in the shortbread and that tartness would have made this treat much more interesting to my palette.

Next time I will add less sugar in the rhubarb jam and less sugar in the shortbread.  Tweaks will happen!

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