White Loaves (kind of)

I have to admit up front that I cheated a bit. I didn’t have enough white flour, and had plenty of a 7-grain bread flour that I bought in a burst of optimism months ago. So that is what I used for my inaugural “Baking with Julia” recipe. Results? Not bad, I would say, for my first bread in eons. I didn’t kill the yeast (hooray!) and the dough rose nicely. The recipe was easy to follow until the “Shaping the dough” section, and I did manage to turn out decent-looking loaves.

That said, I do not love this bread. It is a bit heavy and next time I would add more salt. All-in-all, I am proud of my bread and have been enjoying it slathered with butter and apricot jam.

If you’d like to try the White Loaves, follow the link to the host for this recipe http://someonekitchen.blogspot.com/